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11 01, 2014

Planned System Maintenance and Upgrade

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Planned System Maintenance and Upgrade: Completed

The following was posted January 11th, and updated Friday morning January 17th after upgrade completion:

On the night of Thursday January 16th, 2014 your Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM) was unavailable between 7pm PST and 12am PST. All users were logged out of IFSM as a result of this maintenance activity.

  1. The upgrade streamlines the way customers access IFSM itself.
  2. The upgrade is on the Corrigo server and does not require any updates on your QuickBooks itself.
  3. When your “desktop users” (Admin, Managers, Dispatchers) access IFSM the following morning from Intuit App Center you will see a new web page prompting you to create a new set of IFSM credentials (see below).  These new credentials will allow you to login directly to IFSM using the new URL on Jan 17th:
  4. Once your “desktop users” have created the new credentials on our Workordernetwork server they will be able to access IFSM directly and will no longer need to login to Intuit App Center to access IFSM unless you need to update a user count.  If you need to update a user count (you bought more FSM users and want them to appear inside FSM itself), the FSM Admin himself/herself must log into AppCenter to trigger the license change communication between Intuit to Corrigo.

Again, in order to take advantage of this streamlined access method you must create a new set of IFSM credentials.  Once you have created your credentials you will no longer see screen below.

Importantly your mobile users (Field Techs) will see no change and will continue to login as they always have from their mobile device using the same credentials that they have always used.

The screen users will see when first clicking on the IFSM icon in Intuit App Center

The screen users will see when first clicking on the IFSM icon in Intuit App Center

While you may continue to login to Intuit App Center and then click the IFSM icon we strongly recommend you switch to using the direct login URL; Bookmark it and add it to your “Favorites”:

Lastly, by “Following” this blog we can keep you up to date regarding this upgrade.  Click the “Follow” button in the lower right corner of your screen.

Questions?  Call 800-517-2871

You may also wish to refer to this advice regarding maintenance windows so you can print out any work orders planned during the system maintenance and upgrade.

28 05, 2013

How to show Time Stamps on printed Work Orders

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Many service requestors (both residential and commercial customers) want to see the actual time stamps for work time start and work time completion on the printed work order. To show these time stamps log into Field Service Management as a Manager/Admin.

  1. Click Settings
  2. On the left side choose “Work Orders”
  3. Choose Print Templates
  4. Choose “Customer copy w/Time In Out”

Here is a partial screenshot of what the customer will see (click on image to see detail):


27 02, 2013

Join the Work Order Network

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Now is the time to connect your Intuit Field Service Management to the Corrigo Work Order Network!

The Work Order Network connects service requestors (such as commercial facility managers, property managers, etc.) to Service Vendors/Service Providers like you.  As a Service Vendor, your business needs to be visible where local customers can easily find and send you work orders.  When businesses in your area need service, they use the Work Order Network to locate a vendor.  Your listing will appear in a local directory where these prospective customers can view your company information, overall rating, and then choose to connect with you over The Work Order Network.

It’s easy to join, and best of all, through our partnership with Intuit there are no additional fees to subscribers of Intuit Field Service Management!

Additional information and instructions here: Join the Work Order Network

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