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Get the most from your Field Service Management subscription!

Local Expert Partners who are certified in QuickBooks and Intuit Field Service Management are available for assistance with business process consultation, initial setup configuration assistance, and training for your office and field technicians. They charge a fee for their service and can be contacted directly to discuss your needs and their fees.  Services are typically performed remotely and may also be available on-site for an additional fee.  These experts have exceptional knowledge of both QuickBooks and Intuit Field Service Management, powered by Corrigo.

National Coverage is provided by these Local Experts

Local Expert Website Contact Phone
John Sandy and Associates John Sandy (352) 598-6585
Field Service Advisors  Rebecca Locketz (651) 927-8850
Fourlane  Ben Montgomery (800) 931-2120
CN Systems  Charlie Bukowski (314) 922-6677
Fiscal Foundations  Ben McWhorter (612) 868-2800
Peak Advisers  David Mitchell (303) 801-4772
VARC Solutions  Mary Vackar (281) 412-6914

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Need help with an introduction? Let us know, and we’ll be glad to make an introduction or you can contact them directly.