8 02, 2017

Team Work on the mobile app

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Introducing Corrigo’s monthly tips for users of Intuit Field Service Management! Tips will be posted on our News & Blog link here at http://quickbooks.corrigo.com/news/  We’ll post these “Work Order Wednesday” tips here and alert users through our Digital Dispatch newsletter on the second Wednesday of each month.

Team Work on the mobile app

This month’s topic: Let’s explore the Team Work area of the technician’s mobile app.  This area is where your field supervisors can view and manipulate work via the mobile app.  Keep in mind that the Team Work menu choice is available to mobile login users with the following roles: field supervisor, manager, dispatcher.

  • For Apple device users, access the Team Work area of the Intuit Field Service Management mobile app, you will click on the “box with arrow” graphic in the lower right of the My Work screen.
  • For Android device users, access the Team Work area of the Intuit Field Service Management mobile app, it depends. You will either click on the “three dots” graphic in the upper right of the My Work screen, or you will press the Menu button on the phone itself.

Check out this video to see what’s available in the Team Work area:

Key areas within the Team Work:

  • View Workload by technician
  • Unassigned work orders, Flagged, Waiting For Pick-up, Picked Up, Completed Today, Cancelled Today, On Hold
  • Scope filter by team or dispatch center

If you have questions about how to use Intuit Field Service management, try doing a Search on this website via the magnifying glass on the upper right of your screen. Articles, videos, and pages related to your search term will appear as green links in the search result. Click on the green link to see the result in full-screen view. You can also call our Corrigo Support team Monday – Friday, 8AM ET to 8PM ET at 800-517-2871.

Corrigo has partnered with local experts providing value-added services for both QuickBooks and Intuit Field Service Management. Our local experts can provide consultative initial setup, configuration for your office and training for your office and your field techs.  Our local experts are listed here: http://quickbooks.corrigo.com/local-experts/

22 06, 2016

Understanding Custom Fields

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Based on many years in the service management industry, Corrigo provides the primary fields your business will want to track related to your customers, sites, work orders, and invoices.  When you want to track something unique then you can use either Custom Fields or Equipment Attributes.

When using custom fields, you have the ability to define the type of field and you also have the ability to hide the field from the field techs using the Intuit Field Service Management mobile app (IFSM).

To set up a new custom field:

  1. Log into your IFSM account from the browser and click Settings/Company/Custom Fields
  2. Click Add a New Custom Field
  3. Label your field with a name (such as “Source of call”)
  4. Choose the type of custom field from the drop-down list (see below)
  5. Optionally, choose the length of the custom field (valid only on “String” type)
  6. Click the Add button to add the field

Custom Field choices


To create a “drop-down pick list” for the String type custom field:

  1. After creating the custom field you are back a a list of all custom fields.  Click Edit on the right side of the custom field requiring drop-down menu choices
  2. The String type field must have a length of 40 characters or less in order to enable the pick list option
  3. In the Pick List column, click “Add” to add choices.

What the custom fields look like in the browser interface:

Custom Field explanation

click to enlarge

A brief explanation of the different types of custom fields:

  • String = free form numbers and text, with spaces and most special characters.  Also supports drop down pick lists for strings up to 40 characters
  • Integer = whole numbers only
  • Float = numbers with decimals
  • Money = auto-formats to dollars and cents
  • Phone number = formats to reflect a seven-digit phone number and area code
  • Date = month/day/year formatting from a calendar-like interface
  • Time = drop-down list of times
  • Bool = Yes or No radio button

Custom fields can be hidden from your field technicians via the mobile app.  This helpful video shows how to create a custom field and how to hide/show the field from the mobile users.  The following are examples of how custom fields can appear on the mobile application:

Corrigo Pro Manager work order custom field on Verizon Brigadier

click to enlarge

Corrigo Pro Manager work order pick list custom field on Verizon Brigadier

click to enlarge

This covers most of the topics related to Custom Fields inside your Intuit Field Service Management.

The Initial FSM Settings & Configuration page contains a link to our video covering Equipment Attributes.

29 12, 2015

Popular Devices: Which smart phones and tablets are most popular with Field Service techs?

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Each year Corrigo publishes research on popularity of mobile devices for field service companies. As of December 2015, Corrigo’s research indicates the Apple iPhone 6 is the most popular device overall for customers, with 12% of the overall users.

See the statistics on which smart phones and tablets are most popular with Field Service technicians, we well as which Apple phones and tablets are most popular on this infographic.

popular mobile devices for field service technicians

Popular mobile devices for field service technicians

Disclaimer: research is based on users who logged into the system during the date range. Those who did not log in via their mobile app were not counted.

Learn more about Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks

Call 877-408-3356 or visit www.Apps.com

Happy New Year from Corrigo and Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks!

29 10, 2015

Activating CorrigoPro Manager for Intuit Field Service Management

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What are CorrigoPro Manager and Corrigo GetAPro?

Note: GetCru was replaced by CorrigoPro Manager for the service provider and by GetAPro for the customer, effective January 2017.

GetAPro CorrigoPro

CorrigoPro Manager is a powerful mobile application designed for all types of equipment service providers and integrates with Intuit Field Service Management, powered by Corrigo. CorrigoPro Manager allows users a whole new way to instantly and easily connect with customers as well as market and grow their business. Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks is designed for HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and many other types of equipment service providers.

With CorrigoPro Manager, Service Providers can, right from the palm of their hand:
• receive service requests from customers,
• participate in chats with customers,
• receive & send photos,
• time & date stamp messages and,
• easily convert messages into work orders

CorrigoPro Manager helps you gain control and transparency of all communications. With a click of a button the CorrigoPro Manager conversation becomes a new work order inside Intuit Field Service Management, powered by Corrigo. As part of the powerful integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise, your service team customers, field invoices and payments quickly synchronize from Intuit Field Service Management into QuickBooks.

Questions about CorrigoPro Manager?  Call us at 1-800-517-2629 or email us.

Activating CorrigoPro Manager for your Intuit Field Service Management account (IFSM)

Starting in October 29, 2015, the first time an IFSM manager/dispatcher logs into IFSM, you will see the GetCru announcement page:


1) Scroll to the bottom and click the green “Continue” button to proceed to IFSM

2) GetCru will ask you to provide your email address and phone number for administration of your service provider listing in our database.


3) Click “Confirm” and you will see the standard IFSM “main screen”.


You will also see a new button in the upper left:  use the new black and green “Connection Center” button to administer your GetCru service provider listing and to manage your CrewChats.

Questions about GetCru?  Call us at 1-800-517-2629 or email us.