13 04, 2015

Popular Devices: Which smart phones and tablets are most popular with Field Service techs?

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popular mobile devices for field service tech Each year Corrigo publishes research on popularity of mobile devices for field service companies. In late 2013 we reported Android devices were gaining ground on Apple devices.

Our research for early December 2014 data indicates that Android has surpassed Apple in popularity with field service companies. Click this infographic link to see the statistics on which smart phones and tablets are most popular with Field Service technicians.

Disclaimer: research is based on users who logged into the system during the date range. Those who did not log in via their mobile app were not counted.

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Click to view the field service management research

Click to view our 2014 research on popular devices for field service technicians

Happy New Year from Corrigo and Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks!


3 09, 2014

Apple iOS 8 Alert

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Attention Apple iPhone and iPad users:  Install the new FSM app before you upgrade to iOS8

Update of 9/15/14: Apple has approved the updated FSM App for release on the Apple App Store and it is available for download!  Install the updated FSM app and then you can upgrade to the new iOS8.

(Originally posted 9/3/14):  Industry experts anticipate Apple will release the newest operating system for all iPhones and iPads on September 9, 2014.  In our test lab Corrigo has identified some issues for our app running on the forthcoming iOS8.  The current “version” of the Intuit Field Service Management mobile appears to work correctly on iPhone running iOS8 but is having issues on iPads running iOS8.  We have submitted a new version of our mobile app to Apple, which we expect to be released by Apple in two weeks.

Corrigo recommends your mobile techs WAIT and install the new IFSM mobile app PRIOR to upgrading to iOS8.  Questions?  Email support@corrigo.com  We will update this article when our IFSM mobile app works on iOS8.

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28 07, 2014

Updated Field Service Management video library

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We’re very excited to report the demonstration videos and training videos for Intuit Field Service Management are now hosted on our own Vimeo site!

You can access the complete list or you can access “albums” containing videos covering particular topics based on phases customers encounter while deploying Field Service Management.

Intuit Field Service Management Video Albums

Intuit Field Service Management “Channel”