15 06, 2017

QuickBooks data integration with Intuit Field Service Management

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Let’s talk about integration between IFSM and QuickBooks, and beyond!

This article describes built-in integration via the Corrigo Integration Client, as well as how to import information that is not part of our built-in integration.  Lastly, this article touches upon reporting and data exporting out of IFSM.

When you purchase your Intuit Field Service Management (“IFSM”) subscription, Corrigo provides you with a new database.  Next you’ll log in, access the Settings area, and configure the system (your company logo, hours of operations, technician skills, teams, services and categories, etc.).  Then you activate the integration between IFSM and your QuickBooks via our Corrigo Integration Client (IFSM integrates with supported  U.S. versions of QuickBooks Online, and supported U.S. versions of QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Enterprise).

What data integrates between IFSM and QB?

  1. Active customer list in QB will sync to IFSM.
  2. Active item list in QB will sync to IFSM.
  3. As you make new customers or invoices or time card records in IFSM, these will sync into QB. Invoices syncing from IFSM into QB containing inventory items will decrement those inventory items accordingly inside your QB.
  4. Sales orders and invoices you create inside QB will never appear in IFSM. If you want a work order or invoice to appear in IFSM you must make it in IFSM and sync the invoice to QB if you want the invoice to appear in both databases.

Importing Data or Work Order history into Intuit Field Service Management

Sometimes new IFSM customers were using a competing work order software package prior to their IFSM and want only some of the prior work order history and customer equipment list to appear inside IFSM. This is typically accomplished by enabling and creating back dated work orders.  There is no fee to make back dated work orders (only your own time and effort).

Sometimes new IFSM customers were using a competing work order software package prior to their IFSM and they want all of this work order history, as well as customer equipment list and attributes, to appear inside IFSM so all of the information is in one place. This is possible by hiring a professional services firm to push data into IFSM.

Sometimes new IFSM customers were using invoices in QB as “work orders” prior to their IFSM and they want these invoices in QB to somehow appear inside IFSM as work orders.  This is possible by hiring a professional services firm to push data into IFSM.

Exporting data out of Intuit Field Service Management

Sometimes IFSM customers wish to export data from IFSM.   This can usually be accomplished by creating a report inside IFSM.  Once you run your report you can save the output in the desired file format (XLS, CSV, XML, PDF…).

If you require the data in a very specific data format (often called an EDI), this is possible by hiring a professional services firm to export data from IFSM.

12 05, 2015

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks Online

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QuickBooks Online enables anytime, anyplace access to your accounting system. Pair QBO with Intuit Field Service Management, powered by Corrigo for your dispatcher and field technicians, and your service business can increase productivity, improve cash flow, improve communications, and more! Create work orders, schedule and dispatch to field technicians by skills, location, and availability…capture photos and signatures and payment in the field…with direct customer, invoice and payment sync to your QBO.  Whether you are new to Intuit Field Service Management, or a seasoned veteran, we think this free session will provide something new for everyone!

The presentation will last about 20 minutes, followed by about 15 minutes of live Q&A. You will be able to watch on your PC via the GoToMeeting software and listen via a long distance phone call. You will also be able to ask questions. Note: it is called a “Lunch and Learn” because you can learn some cool stuff while you have lunch (bring your own).

Sign up here for the next live Lunch And Learn webinar:

Topic: Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks Online – Wed May 27 @ 9AM PT (Noon ET)

2 05, 2015

New website: QuickBooks.Corrigo.com for all things Intuit Field Service Management

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Welcome to QuickBooks.Corrigo.com, the new website dedicated to “all things Intuit Field Service Management”, powered by Corrigo!

Intuit Field Service Management is the preferred solution for service, installation, and repair companies using QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Editions. We even have some businesses using it standalone – not connected to QuickBooks at all.  Typical service industries include, but are not limited to:  HVAC, Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Garage/Overhead Door, Alarms/Security Systems, Audio Visual/Home Entertainment, Pool Service, Office Equipment, Medical Equipment, and more!

QuickBooks.Corrigo.com unifies all of the Free Test Drive Information, Paid Subscription Setup, Training Videos, Local Expert Listings, and our Blog formerly located at FieldServiceSuccess.com – all in one place.  The menu bar at the top of the page organizes content into seven areas – position your mouse over each option to explore, or click to access the full content.

If you are new to Intuit Field Service Management, take a moment with our Tour or Try it Now links to see how we can help your business “get more work done, get paid faster, and do payroll better”!

Whether your technicians use smart phones or tablets, whether they are using Apple devices or Android devices, even if some of them prefer paper work orders and a clipboard, Intuit Field Service Management is the go-to solution designed for your dispatcher and service team with the best integration with QuickBooks for your office team.

For those who are eager to start using their Intuit Field Service Management, we recommend the First Time Users, Ongoing Success, and Support areas. For those who want a customized demonstration and personalized setup, deployment and training assistance — perhaps a data migration from a previous software solution, too — we strongly recommend engaging one of our certified Local Experts who can meet with you in-person or online as you wish.

Our News & Blog link shares posts and updates, as well as research from Corrigo and Intuit, such as our annual research on popular devices for field service technicians. Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with our News & Blog updates.

To commemorate the launch of this new website we have a new video for you!

Taking Signatures and Emailing from the Intuit Field Service Management mobile app