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1 01, 2020

Credit card processing in the field

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Use the Intuit Field Service Management mobile app to update the work order and document work done, capture equipment serviced, photos, and customer signature. If desired, prepare your invoice in the field using the IFSM mobile app. Make note of the invoice total and switch over to your mobile payment app (Go Payment, Square, etc.) to process the payment. The IFSM invoice will sync into QuickBooks as an open invoice. Use the “apply credits” function in QuickBooks to apply the payment to the invoice.

Connection tickets are no longer being issued by QuickBooks Merchant Services. Thus, Intuit Field Service Management integrates with QuickBooks itself, but IFSM is used without integration to QBMS or any other mobile payment platforms (Go Payment, Square, etc.).

Workflow Tips:

  • If taking payment in the field, modify the Work Done description to indicate successful payment (this information will sync and appear on the invoice inside QB).
  • If taking payment in the field, create a work order custom field called “paid in field” (Cash, Check, Credit Card), and have the tech update this if payment was taken.
15 01, 2016

Field Service Software and QuickBooks Integration

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Intuit Field Service Management Works With QuickBooks!

We’ve been hearing a lot lately from folks who are worried about their field service software’s ability to sync with QuickBooks. We have a great solution for that!

Whether you work from your office or on the go, Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks, powered by Corrigo matches your service management style.

Corrigo’s ability to integrate between QB Desktop and QB Online are completely separate from the Intuit Sync Manager that was discontinued.

Corrigo uses the QB SDK to integrate with QB Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.  Corrigo uses the QBO API to integrate with QuickBooks Online.  Neither of these integration tools are referred to as the “Sync Manager” so customers using Intuit Field Service Management will not be impacted.

Intuit’s announcement about the Sync Manager and no impact on Intuit Field Service Management:

Insightful Accountant also published an article about field service software integration with QuickBooks.