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/Using the Mobile App
1 01, 2020

How do I take credit cards in the field?

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Credit card processing in the field

Use the Intuit Field Service Management mobile app to update the work order and document work done, capture equipment serviced, photos, and customer signature. If desired, prepare your invoice in the field using the IFSM mobile app. Make note of the invoice total and switch over to your mobile payment app (Go Payment, Square, etc.) to process the payment.  The IFSM invoice will sync into QuickBooks as an open invoice.  Use the “apply credits” function in QuickBooks to apply the payment to the invoice.

Connection tickets are no longer being issued by QuickBooks Merchant Services.  Thus, Intuit Field Service Management integrates with QuickBooks itself, but IFSM is used without integration to QBMS or any other mobile payment platforms (Go Payment, Square, etc.).

Workflow Tips:

  • If taking payment in the field, modify the Work Done description to indicate successful payment (this information will sync and appear on the invoice inside QB).
  • If taking payment in the field, create a work order custom field called “paid in field” (Cash, Check, Credit Card), and have the tech update this if payment was taken.


Updated February 2022

29 04, 2015

Supported smartphones and tablet devices

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The Intuit Field Service Management FREE Mobile App works on Android and Apple smartphones and tablet devices.

For the complete story, download the latest Intuit Recommended Devices (PDF). This document goes into detail about device selection, printing in the field, and much more.

This diagram shows specific features which work (or don’t) on specific platforms:


Apple devices with Cellular data connection using our Mobile App

Android devices with Cellular data connection using our Mobile App

Windows Desktop, Laptop, or Netbook via Browser


Receive work order alerts via email or mobile app X X X
Process work orders X X X
Process Service Agreement work orders (add-on) X X X
Capture time for payroll (add-on) X X X
View work order details X X X
View and add text notes X X X
View and add photo notes X X X
Driving directions (link to device maps app) X X
Price up invoice X X X
Capture electronic signatures (work order, invoice) X X
See work orders where I am a helper X X X
See and manage work assigned to others (team work) X X X
Reassign work orders X X X
Search for work orders X X X
Create a copy of a work order X X X
Create a new customer X X X
Action-based time stamps X X X
Action-based GPS with time stamps X X
GPS Fix on defined time intervals X X
Additional desktop features by role X



29 04, 2015

What can my techs do in the FSM mobile app? Are they logging into my QuickBooks?

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Your field techs do not access QuickBooks itself through IFSM. Using their paid subscription the techs log into FSM via our mobile app, which is designed to be easy-to-use for field technicians.  Techs can also log in via a browser interface if desired.

  • On the mobile app, your field techs get:
    • An appointment list showing where to go next and what needs to be done there.
    • Google Map links for driving directions
    • Prior site service history
    • Equipment lists with attributes and service history
    • Ability to create invoices and capture signatures
    • Ability to add photos for future reference, right on the work order
    • Within each work order, your tech also clicks a button to update status (picked up new work order, en route to job, started, completed…)
    • Much more!

It doesn’t take long before paper, and paperwork delays, are a thing of the past.

  • Your office workers create, schedule, and dispatch work orders anytime, anyplace, on their computers through the FSM application.
    • They log into FSM through a web browser.
    • As your techs update each work order, the information they create will be immediately visible to your office staff!
    • Your same folks who have access to QuickBooks today will be the only people who can access QuickBooks after FSM is installed.

With the Intuit Field Service Management app installed on your field technicians’ smart phones and tablets, your techs will be able to help your business get more work done, get paid faster, and streamline payroll processing! Try It Now

13 04, 2015

Where is my field service tech? Set up/modify GPS tracking

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Inside your Field Service Management app, there are two different ways for the office to know where the technicians are located. In both scenarios, the technician is a Login user with the Field Service Management mobile app installed on a supported smart phone or tablet device. This article shows what the service manager and dispatcher can see location of the field service techs.

  1. (most common) Action based GPS location of field tech.
    1. When a tech makes changes to a Work Order, their location is displayed on both the Dispatch Board as well as the map tab of our Smart Scheduling Screen.
    2. This shows you where your techs were when Actions occur on a Work Order (pick up, en-route, start, complete, pause, on hold).
    3. The GPS dots should be on top of the customer address on the map. If not, the tech was somewhere other than the customer site when the action was documented.
  2. Time based GPS tracking
    • The FSM mobile app tracks techs throughout the day based on an interval you define.

Here’s the complete story: How to Set Up/Modify GPS Tracking in IFSM

13 04, 2015

What can my techs do when the mobile app is offline?

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Internet access is pretty much everywhere, but sometimes your field techs may find themselves in an area where they are unable to access a data connection. For example, a remote or mountainous region, or down in the basement of a building.

Often the tech can piggy-back on the customer’s own internet connection or wi-fi. But if that is not available or allowed, what can your field techs do in the app when no data connection is present and they are working offline? (One must also ask: if no data connection is present, is there any phone access either?)

The bottom line: The FSM mobile app caches the appointment list and work order details. Any work order edits or updates entered into the mobile app are stored with the time stamp until the device regains internet access.

Most Popular Mobile App Functions



Access Appointment List X X
See Work Order Details & Contact Info X X
Lookup Customers X
Create new Work Order X
Create new Customer X
Driving Directions X
Customer Site & Equipment Service History X X
Capture Signature X X
Capture Action-based Time Stamps X X
Track Action-based GPS info X
Capture Photo Notes X X
Capture Work Done Description X X
Create Invoice or Estimate (Services & Inventory) X
Capture Payment X
Email completed Work Orders X X
Email completed Invoices X X


With the Intuit Field Service Management app installed on your field technicians’ smart phones and tablets, your techs will be able to help your business get more work done, get paid faster, and streamline payroll processing!

Selected videos showing what your field service technicians can do in the field on the Intuit Field Service Management mobile app:

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