What can my techs do when the mobile app is offline?

/What can my techs do when the mobile app is offline?

What can my techs do when the mobile app is offline?

Internet access is pretty much everywhere, but sometimes your field techs may find themselves in an area where they are unable to access a data connection. For example, a remote or mountainous region, or down in the basement of a building.

Often the tech can piggy-back on the customer’s own internet connection or wi-fi. But if that is not available or allowed, what can your field techs do in the app when no data connection is present and they are working offline? (One must also ask: if no data connection is present, is there any phone access either?)

The bottom line: The FSM mobile app caches the appointment list and work order details. Any work order edits or updates entered into the mobile app are stored with the time stamp until the device regains internet access.

Most Popular Mobile App Functions



Access Appointment List X X
See Work Order Details & Contact Info X X
Lookup Customers X
Create new Work Order X
Create new Customer X
Driving Directions X
Customer Site & Equipment Service History X X
Capture Signature X X
Capture Action-based Time Stamps X X
Track Action-based GPS info X
Capture Photo Notes X X
Capture Work Done Description X X
Create Invoice or Estimate (Services & Inventory) X
Capture Payment X
Email completed Work Orders X X
Email completed Invoices X X


With the Intuit Field Service Management app installed on your field technicians’ smart phones and tablets, your techs will be able to help your business get more work done, get paid faster, and streamline payroll processing!

Selected videos showing what your field service technicians can do in the field on the Intuit Field Service Management mobile app:

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