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7 04, 2017

Streamline Payroll Processing with the Corrigo Time Card module for Intuit Field Service Management

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Integrate your mobile technician payroll data into QuickBooks

The Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM) add-on Time Card Module provides an excellent way to capture time for your technicians in the field.  If you are tired of handwritten time sheets that are almost impossible to decipher and quite often turned in late, you should consider adding the Time Card Module to your IFSM software subscription.  Not only will you be able to see the techs time sheet at any time during the payroll period but, you can also view a map with the location of the tech as entries are made against a work order on their mobile device.

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Benefits of adding the Time Card Module

  • Payroll processing – streamlined with options to capture either ‘shift time’ or ‘work order time, and travel time.
  • Captures time stamps and GPS locations of work order actions.
  • Options for defining ‘rounding rules’ and ‘overtime rules.’
  • Techs can manually add time for non-work orders on their mobile device.
  • Office can review, edit, and approve time sheets at the end of the payroll period.
  • Time sheet data integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and updates the weekly time sheet for payroll processing.

The mobile Time Card app works on all Android and Apple devices (phones and tablets).  See the mobile Time Card module in action:

Questions about the Time Card module?  Give us a call!

Mike Simons 520-901-2527
Cheryl McElrath 214-838-3668

See pricing for this optional module.  Note: the Time Card module integrates with QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier/Enterprise. The module does not integrate with QuickBooks Online.

Additional reports are available for customers with the Time Card module.

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