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7 05, 2015

How to hide Work Orders: one at a time dispatch

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Most Intuit Field Service Management subscribers take advantage of the real-time dispatch and the Appointment list on our mobile app running on the service technician’s smart phone or tablet.

However, some service companies want their techs to only know about the current work order, and the techs should not see any future appointments.

Click here to learn more about “one at a time dispatch” for Office/Service Manager/Dispatcher users.

27 04, 2015

Preparing for and dealing with an Internet outage

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  1. Log into IFSM from any PC browser as the Admin, Manager, Dispatcher, or Technician.
  2. Click the “Printer Friendly” button on the Work Orders screen for your Pending, or Unassigned, or Unscheduled work orders.  This provides you with a starting point of “what is already on your calendar” before any interruption in internet service.
  3. Design a custom report showing key data (customer, phone, problem, tech, appointment) and save it to your hard drive in PDF or Excel XLS format as a “just in case” backup/reference resource.

If you are surprised by an Internet outage…find a location where the Internet is working and follow the steps above.

Keep in mind that it’s quite possible for your field technicians to use the software even if your Internet is down at your office.

13 04, 2015

I installed QB on a new computer. How do I move the FSM sync?

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Or, “How do I reinstall the Integration Utility on my new PC?

Contact Support: Before moving the QuickBooks desktop software or QuickBooks company file to a new PC, speak with our Level Two FSM Technical Support team.

Once you have successfully integrated the FSM with the QB, you should never have to re-run the first-time FSM Sync.

When you move the FSM sync correctly, you will save time and not be forced to re-run the first-time sync on your new computer. Let us help!