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8 06, 2016

QuickBooks ProAdvisors: I’m Your Huckleberry

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BAM!!  Scaling New Heights once again was a smashing success!  Great job Joe Woodard and the Woodard team!!  The venue was so perfect I decided to tack on a few vacation days (that were much earned I might add) and soak up some rays, see my husband, Mark, catch an 80 pound white Marlin, and lose more money in the Casino than I’ll admit.  LOL!  But, let’s get back to the business discussion.  Dave Waldo and I greatly enjoyed seeing those of you we have met in the past and meeting those of you we had not met previously.  You all shared some great insight with us on what’s important to you and your business.

Let’s face it.  Whether we own our own company or we work for a corporation when all is said and done what we all want is to grow our business and be successful.  Believe it or not, my favorite part of the conference is actually working in the Expo Center at the Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM) booth and hearing all about you and your business.  I am quite often in awe of the businesses that have been created around the Intuit ecosystem.  It’s truly amazing what many of you have accomplished.

So let’s talk about IFSM and some of the things I learned at SNH.  Sometimes it just is what it is and IFSM is just not a good fit for you and your customers.  I totally get that!  But, other times it’s just what you have been looking for to help your Service Provider customers improve their workflow, go paperless, and run a much more productive and efficient company.  And the really funny thing is, IFSM has been around since 2008 and many of the Pro Advisors have never even heard of it!  The other fun tidbit is that in speaking with you I very often hear “but IFSM only integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise.”  What???  Noooooo!!  Let’s put that rumor to bed.  IFSM synchronizes with all U.S. versions of QuickBooks – Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online.  Wahoo!!!!

In fact, unlike many other third party applications, IFSM was not affected whatsoever when Intuit discontinued their Sync Manager.  Some third party apps no longer sync with QB Desktop and can now only sync with QB Online.  Corrigo uses QB SDK to integrate with QB Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise and QBO API to integrate with QuickBooks Online.  Neither of these integration tools are referred to as the “Sync Manager” so customers using Intuit Field Service Management have not been impacted.

Which brings me to my next topic.  What I can do to help you, whether you are a ProAdvisor, Bookkeeper, or Reseller to sell and promote IFSM where it makes sense?  You all are wizards when it comes to QuickBooks.  The majority of you hold the highest QB certifications available or are working on achieving them.  When it comes to QBs add-on applications such as IFSM, many of you just don’t have the time or resources within your own company to learn everything you need to know about the product, how to sell it, how to order it, and how to on-board the customer.

Great news!!!  You don’t have to be an expert IFSM guru to make a sale, set up the system, or train your customers.  We’ll do it for you!!

I am announcing today, for those of you who don’t plan to gain the skill needed to demo, sale, and implement IFSM that I’m your Huckleberry!!  Did you see the movie Tombstone where Val Kilmer who plays Doc Holliday was in a standoff with Johnny Ringo and Doc says, “I’m your Huckleberry!”  One of my all-time favorites.  I digress.  So here’s the scoop.  We are announcing an additional role I will now have as your personal Corrigo Executive Pro Manager for IFSMI am your go-to person to help you manage IFSM leads, close sales, and deliver onboarding, setup, and training for your customers.  If you find a lead all you need to do is contact me, fill me in on a few details about your customer, and I will take it from there.  I’ll do as much of the sales and onboarding process as you want me to.  Easy peasy!!  Don’t misunderstand, you also still have the option to work with IFSM Local Expert Partners to fulfill and deliver consulting services to your customers.  That is also a great option for you and your customers.

So what’s in it for you?

  • Corrigo will pay you one month of monthly recurring revenue for every new customer sale closed during the months of June and July 2016.
  • For Authorized and Premier Resellers this payment will be on top of your normal Intuit commission paid for IFSM.
  • Payment will be made by Corrigo 60 days after the IFSM subscription is activated and if the account is still active.
  • Assistance with identifying prospects
  • Free customer demonstrations
  • Customer on-boarding and training

So bring it on!!  I’m counting on all of you to get the word out about IFSM to your customers and prospects.  All you need to do is ask them a very simple question, “What are you doing today to streamline your business process, eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, get rid of paperwork, and move to a mobile solution?”  It’s just that easy.

Many of you also asked about IFSM training.  I do offer a 6 week, live, online training class that meets every Tuesday morning.  The last two classes of the session are prep for the Level 1 and Level 2 IFSM certification tests.  The next class is scheduled to begin on July 19th.  Please contact me at or 214-838-3668 if you are interested in registering for the class.

-Cheryl McElrath / Partner Sales Manager