Advanced Inventory Integration within FSM

//Advanced Inventory Integration within FSM
Advanced Inventory Integration within FSM 2017-08-11T16:13:54-08:00

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This video shows the integration of Advanced Inventory with IFSM.

The Advanced Inventory module in QBES v2013 allows you to set up inventory bins within each of your multiple inventory locations in QBES.

For example, you can have Warehouse 1, with Bin A and Bin B; Warehouse 2 with Bin A, Bin B.

We suggest Intuit customers use the AI Module to transfer and restock inventory from the Warehouse (and bins) to the appropriate technician.

When the technicians add Inventory items to their IFSM invoice, the inventory will be deducted from the technician’s inventory location in QBES during the sync process.  IFSM does not support deducting inventory directly from the bins themselves.