Update User Count or Subscription Status

//Update User Count or Subscription Status
Update User Count or Subscription Status 2017-08-11T16:13:55-07:00

The following steps were necessary prior to 11/1/2016 for the Intuit Field Service Management “Admin” in any of the following three scenarios, but are not necessary in the new process:

  1. When accessing IFSM the very first time;
  2. After you increase or decrease the number of FSM users through Intuit Sales (after buying more users);
  3. To update the subscription status on the Corrigo side after Intuit “resumes” a subscription that was cancelled due to payment default (credit card failure):

Updating User Count in Intuit Field Service Management, powered by Corrigo

As the Administrator of your Intuit Field Service Manager app, follow four simple steps to get your field service team up and running:

  1. Go to Intuit’s website www.Apps.com and log in with your Intuit credentials.
  2. Click on “My Apps” and click on the Launch link beneath your Intuit Field Service Management icon.
  3. (First time users must complete the information about your company if you have not already done so on a prior occasion.)
  4. To add more users inside the IFSM itself, click the People tab, then click the New Person button.  You should see the updated user count information after clicking the New Person button.

Accessing Intuit Field Service Management

You, the App Administrator, should continue to access Intuit Field Service Management from www.Apps.com

Managers and dispatchers at your company should access Intuit Field Service Management from QBLogin.Corrigo.com   Your field service staff can also use this login URL or install our mobile app (Android and iOS).

Ran into a problem?

For questions about Intuit Field Service Management, call Corrigo Technical Support at 800-517-2871.