How To Delete A User

//How To Delete A User
How To Delete A User 2017-08-11T16:13:54-07:00

How To Delete a User in Intuit Field Service Management

1.    Click on “People” tab

people tab





2.    Click on User you’d like to delete

select user






3.    Click the “Delete” button

delete user





Active Work Orders Error Message

If this user has active work orders you will get the below error and click in on the “Click Here” will bring up those WOs.  You will need to reassign or complete the work orders before you can delete the user. delete user error message pending work orders

Work Order History

Once deleted the WOs will remain in the system, but the user will have (Deleted) beside their name.

work order history





Please contact Corrigo Support @ 800-517-2871 if you have any questions about this procedure.