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What is GetCru and CorrigoPro Manager?

CorrigoPro Manager (formerly GetCru – name changed in January 2017) is a powerful new mobile application designed for all types of commercial and residential service providers!  CorrigoPro Manager is a whole new way for your customers to get in touch with you faster, to request service, as well as powerful new way to market and grow your business.  CorrigoPro Manager, powered by Corrigo can be used completely stand-alone, or alongside other service management software packages, and comes with built-in integration with Intuit Field Service Management, powered by Corrigo.

Best of all, CorrigoPro Manager is free for you – the service provider – as well as your customer (as Corrigo GetAPro)!

With CorrigoPro Manager, Service Providers can, right from the palm of their hand:
• receive service requests from customers,
• participate in chats with customers,
• receive & send photos,
• time & date stamp messages and,
• easily convert messages into work orders

How does CorrigoPro Manager work?

CorrigoPro Manager app

CorrigoPro, for the service provider

As a service provider, download the free CorrigoPro Manager app for your Apple or Android device.  From inside your CorrigoPro Manager mobile app you will invite your customer to install the Corrigo GetAPro app onto their smartphone.  The first service provider to “invite” a customer will always be listed at the top of the customer’s list of service providers!

GetAPro app

Corrigo GetAPro, for the customer

Once your customer has GetAPro installed on their smartphone they simply tap their GetCru icon, select your business from their service providers, and start a chat.  They can type or talk into the chat window and can include helpful photos of the problem or request.  We call this conversation a CrewChat.

Each CrewChat can be accessed via the smartphone and has a unique text link for historical reference purposes, anytime, anyplace.  If you have a subscription to Intuit Field Service Management, the service provider has a “plus” icon that will create a new work order inside Intuit Field Service Management from the CrewChat.

Questions about CorrigoPro Manager?  Call us at 1-800-517-2621 or email us.

Integration with Intuit Field Service Management

GetCru plus Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks from Intuit Field Service Management on Vimeo.

CorrigoPro Manager and Corrigo GetAPro, powered by Corrigo are the simplest, fastest wasy for Service Pros & Customers to connect and get things done! This brief demonstration shows how the customer initiates the conversation, how the Work Order is created and dispatched inside Intuit Field Service Management, how the field service technician uses the IFSM mobile app to create an invoice and take payment, and how the invoice looks inside QuickBooks. Learn more at

CorrigoPro Manager helps you gain control and transparency of all communications. With a click of a button the CorrigoPro Manager conversation becomes a new work order inside Intuit Field Service Management, powered by Corrigo!

Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks is designed for HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and many other types of equipment service providers.  As part of the powerful integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise, your service team customers, field invoices and payments quickly synchronize from Intuit Field Service Management into QuickBooks.

Questions about Intuit Field Service Management?  Call us at 1-800-517-2621 or visit