Migrating Your IFSM to QBO

//Migrating Your IFSM to QBO
Migrating Your IFSM to QBO 2017-08-11T16:13:54+00:00

The database structure differs between QuickBooks Desktop (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) and QuickBooks Online “QBO”.  Subscribers to Intuit Field Service Management “IFSM” should pay attention to the following support documentation prior migrating QuickBooks Desktop data to QBO.

Existing Field Service Management customers migrating from QB Desktop to QB Online

Please follow these steps prior to migrating your QuickBooks data to QBO from QuickBooks Desktop (Pro/Premier).  Failure to follow these steps will result in duplicated Items and possibly lost data in your Intuit Field Service Management account “IFSM”.  Questions?  Contact Corrigo Support at 800-517-2871.

  1. QuickBooks Company file Clean-up
    a.         Make inactive customers inactive
    b.         Remove any quotation marks (ex. Change 30” air filter to 30-inch air filter)
    c.         Make updates to active customer information
  2. In IFSM prepare and approve any open invoices
  3. Run the sync to update the customer list in IFSM and move the approved invoices into QuickBooks
  4. In QuickBooks, on the item list make all Service, Non-inventory, and Inventory items inactive and run the sync again.
    a.         Note:  this is best done using QB export/import and should be done separately from the company file clean-up so making the items inactive does not affect any invoices
  5. In your QuickBooks, click on File/Intuit Field Service/ and synchronize your QB with the FSM to ensure the FSM lists completely match the updated QB file (for example, without the quotation marks).
  6. In your QuickBooks, make a backup of your QB Company file for safekeeping.
  7. DO NOT make any changes in the QB company file or the FSM subscription until you have reached Step 10 below.
  8. Log into your new QBO account.  Follow the steps inside QBO to upload your QB Desktop data to the QBO account.
  9. Once you have all the QBD data in your QBO account, log back into IFSM.
    a.         Click Settings/Company/Integration and click Edit to change the integration from Desktop to Online.
    b.         Follow the on-screen prompts to connect the IFSM with your QBO account and complete the “first time sync with QBO”.  The first time sync on QBO will run much more quickly than with the QBD.
  10. Once the first-time sync is complete you may resume using both QBO and IFSM “live”.